Thursday, September 29, 2011

According to Nate Burkus, I have a split personality!



While perusing, yes I used a fancy word...Nate makes me feel so refined, Nate Burkus' website the other day frantically looking for a picture of some of his set art I came across a quiz about your design style.  I thought it would be fun to take the quiz since even I am aware that I have recently undergone a change in what appeals to me.  It used to be true Southern style with many different things going on in one room and dark colors.  However, now I am finding myself more drawn to clean and fresh colors and accessories.  I want to have a whimsy-ful house since my little ones are, well little. 

Anyways, I took Nate's What's Your Design Personality? quiz and here are the results I got, no surprise!  I have two styles, vintage and modern.  Seriously?  I knew I had some issues, but how can I be new and old at the same time?  I agree with it, but maybe that's why I'm having such a hard time trying to tie everything in and make my house feel like a home.  Here are the definitions:


You like decor that's one of a kind. You're a garage and thrift sale shopper who likes things with some age and patina. If you know you’re a vintage personality, you can shop in places with items that have an aged look to create rooms that feel assembled over time. You don’t go to the new modern stores and waste your time buying items that you know you’re not going to love!


You like a clean look, with clean lines, and space to breathe within your home. Every piece you own needs to be special, because you don’t have a lot. Simple, clean lines, special pieces. You don't make impulse purchases. Instead, you save your money and spend only when you feel a piece will enhance your beautiful modern environment.

I have found myself going to antique auctions and re-working some pieces.  And I have even "made new" some pieces around the house.  So maybe my style is to take things with a vintage feel or lines and give it a pop of color.  Oh I don't know!  I'm just as confused as ever!  But, it's ok Nate, who could stay made at that face?

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