Thursday, September 29, 2011

I Was Framed

Goodness, I have been working on this for what seems like FOREVER!!  A while back I was watching The Nate Burkus Show and noticed that on his set he had these graphic panels framed out.  I'm not sure if they were fabric or paper but I thought they were amazing!  Side note: I tried to find a photo to show you his set but alas, none to be found...:(  I happened upon some repositional sticky tiles from Target online that had a very similar look and bought them immediately!

They look really cute just "stuck" on the wall, so I thought they would just be crazy cute in a frame.  I went to the actual Target to decide on frames and ended up with a 12 x 12 shadowbox.  I thought the little bit of shadow would be nice and since the tiles were a shy under 11 inches square, there would be a small border.  The good news:  there were some 12 x 12 shadowboxes, the bad news:  there were 4....and they were black.  Anyhow, I bought them and just kept checking back online to see if they had come into stock.  After about a week, they had, so I ran back up to Target and good news: the frames were back in stock, bad news: there were only 4 again!  UGH!  See I had 9 tiles to frame and I really didn't want to wait another week to get one so I happened on some discount art pieces and one was a 12 x 12 shadowbox frame with some questionable art in it.  It was the same depth as the other frames and I knew I could make it work.  Hindsight, I kinda wish I had waited those extra seven days because that one frame was a bother!   The original eight frames were no trouble to disassemble.  I just undid the back prongs and slid the glass and backing out.  They were ready to go at this point.  However, that ONE framed art piece was different.  I had to cut the backing off, since it was not meant to be removable.  Then tape around the glass that could not be removed.  I used painters tape and it had to go on the front and back of the glass so that I could completely spray the black away. 

You can see here how I carefully followed the lines touching the frame to minimize any paint getting on the glass, but went a little tape crazy inside of the border.  As long as it was covered!

Then I put out my trusty had it since high school flat sheet so that my husband would not freak out about the white grid that would have appeared on his grass.  Yes, it is HIS grass, but that is another story!  You can see the one frame that gave me such a headache.

Anyhow, after two days (thank you Lord for pretty weather) of spraying, drying, flipping, spraying, drying, flipping....I finally had the frames pretty and crisp with the white paint.  I peeled all four pounds of painters tape off of the cursed one and set around to put the tiles in place.  Now remember these are sticky tiles and I thought that I have a good enough eye for making sure things are level that I could eye ball them onto some 12 x 12 white acid free cardstock and pop them in the frames.  Massive FAIL!  I ended up having to cut the tiles out of the paper and then glue them to another piece of paper, this time making SURE that they were just right.  Then of course the cursed on had to have another backing cut out of brown paper and hot glued onto it's back.  Diva!!!

So all in all, this project took me almost two weeks.  This is so sad!  But, I am crazy happy about the end result, even though the cursed one (top middle) keeps eyeing me.  I will never forget you cursed one!!

Sorry about the glare here, but I was so excited to be DONE that I didn't even want to wait until the lighting was better. 

Here is my favorite critic.  Notice two different outfits, so two different days.  She was quite impressed with the end result as was my son, who immediately asked, "Mom, which one was the bad tile?"  So cursed one, there are TWO of us in the family watching you now!!

On another note, this was the sunset the other day out my back door.  I thought it was just beautiful and it makes me so happy to live in the country!

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