Saturday, September 17, 2011

Oh Baby!

A little weekend fun.  This is Emma singing Justin Beiber's "Baby".    We were cleaning up the house and I thought that if we sang a clean up song that she might stick with it a bit longer.  About five minutes into it, I started noticing that her part of the song had changed and I sat her down to record her singing and this is what I got:

Notice that at one point she says a loud Bay-beh, that's when she noticed herself on the computer screen, but that didnt' stop her.  We have caught her doing this a few more times and yes, I even youtube'd the song just to hear her sing it again. 

Will she be mad one day about me posting this online?  Yeah, and Em, I'm really sorry if you are terribly embarrassed, but mercy it's just as cute as it can be.  I have watched it SO much!!  Love you Em!!

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