Friday, September 16, 2011

Peep Eye

 Okay, first major project just had to start at the front door.  We have a solid door with half glass transoms on either side.  Now this is fine, except that our front door transoms allow people to be able to look right into our living room, where we spend a large majority of our time.  

One side of my transoms

To be honest, the only time we ever really use our front door is at Halloween for trick-or-treaters, but I still wanted some bit of privacy.  I jumped over to Pinterest to see what some ideas were out there when I spotted this picture from

Here Ashley Brown used contact paper to cut a design and placed it over one of her oh so open doors.  I really loved the Moroccan feel to it and thought that I could attempt something similar.  So I started off with my own pattern and set forth cutting a lot of little shapes.  The final tally was 48.  The best thing to do was to just go ahead and cut the Contact paper into manageable squares and get comfortable with something interesting to watch on TV (Design Star it was for me).  I actually didn't cut enough to start off with.  So with twenty something up on the door, I had to stop and get the scissors out again. 

After everything was cut out, I cleaned the glass with Windex and made sure that it was completely dry.  Then I eyeballed the center of each little mini window and placed one cutout there.  That's right, I'm all crazy like that, just thank goodness it looked okay!  Then one above, below, to the right, and to the left while leaving a small border around it.  I didn't want to completely block out any light, just give a bit more privacy.  I repeated with all six mini windows and the cut one piece in half vertically for the far left and right pieces, another piece in half horizontally for the center top and bottom pieces, and a third piece in quarters for the corner pieces.  Thankfully the Contact paper is easily repositioned so it wasn't too bad getting every piece just where I wanted it.  I also just used my fingernail to move any bubbles out to the edges and to bubble heaven.  Here is an idea of what it looked like with one mini window done, minus one little piece missing in the upper right corner.

Here is an after picture once it is all done.  Sorry for the angle but it was really hard getting the paper to show up from anywhere else.  I looked like a ninja trying to find the best spot to show off my doors. 

To be honest, these little Contact stickies make me smile with even a little nose wrinkle every time I walk by them.  Especially at night when a little light comes through but I don't feel like we are on display.  It only took a couple of hours, was easy and even impressed the hubby, so mission accomplished!!  I have a carport door that I am going to do something similar on, but can't decide whether I want to go full block out or do another shape.  But, that's for another time!

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