Monday, September 19, 2011

This Little Light of Mine

My itsy girl, Emma, gratuitous picture included below............
is nearing two years old and I am sadly but still proudly starting to think about what her big girl room will be.  I already have a twin white bed that her big brother Riley, not to be outdone picture included below..........................
also used as a transitional bed out of the crib until we decided on his full bed.  I have searched Pinterest and other shelter sites looking for inspiration about where to go but I haven't found anything yet that makes me want to bring it home.  I'm really looking for a fun bedspread that I can pull colors off of, even thinking about an Indian Sari-esque pattern, but no luck so far.  Well, Em's room is small so the twin bed will more than likely be her bed for a while unless we get a day bed with a trundle, which would still be down the road.  So while I am ready to do something for her room, I am kinda at a standstill since I don't even know what color to paint it.  The one thing that I was sure of was that the builder's basic white fan that is in her room now will not graduate with her to big girl status.  So using my favorite website, Pinterest, I found a neat tutorial about using coffee filters attached to a paper lantern to make a really fun and cute light. 

I ran, literally..well not quite literally since it takes 20 minutes to drive there but in my mind I was running, to Lowe's to look for the lantern since I had never noticed them anywhere before.  I snatched up the first one that I saw not noticing that it was a solar powered lantern until I got home.  Well I was not going to be swayed and decided to go ahead with the project and just leave it up to my hubby to find a way to make it work electrically, which really just means snipping off the small attached solar panel and hanging the finished light from the ceiling. 

I'm not sure if all paper lanterns are supposed to be paper, but mine was made more of a silky fabric and I was a little worried about the glue gun melting the fabric, but no worries, it attached well.

My first step was to assemble the lantern using the metal support bars inside:

and find a place to hang it up so that it would be easier to work with. I decided to just hang it from the shade supports of this lamp and go with it.  This was mistake number 1 and 2. 

  1. When I had some of the coffee filters placed on one side and went to turn it to another side, the lamp actually smooshed the filters down a little when they leaned against the stand.
  2. Emma thought that any ball hanging from a string about eye height was put there specifically so that she could try and wrap it around the pole ala tether ball style.
So between the lamp post and Emma running and hitting it before running away I came to the conclusion that Em would have to be asleep during this project (which resulted in it taking multiple days) and that I would have to go about it another way.

The next step was to take regular sized white coffee filters and crumple them by poking my finger into the center of the filter and gathering the filter around my finger to form a badminton shaped cone.  I made about 40 of these at a time and just put them in a nearby basket while my glue gun warmed up.  Then I placed a small dot of hot glue onto the pointed center of the coffee filter and held it in place for a few seconds until it set on the paper lantern.  I tried to initially do a tight pattern so that it would look full but found this to be almost impossible because the glue took longer to set than I thought and I would accidentally keep knocking pieces off.  The winning combination turned out to be gluing the filters close together completly around the ball and then the next day go in and fill in where there were holes.  Like I said earlier, this took a few days, so I was filling in for two good days.  The next three days were spent pulling off strands of hot glue that seemed to multiply. 

Here is the coffee filter poof finished just hanging from Em's ceiling fan to see how it looked in the room.  I still haven't gotten it attached to a permanent light source but I wanted to know what the glow would look like so I took the lamp shade off of the desk light and placed the poof over it.  It was so purty and the filtered (hehehe) light was just beautiful. 

I have gotten more compliments over my coffee filter poof light than anything else I have done lately and I can't wait to get it set in it's new home.  As soon as I do I will do an update.  But in other news...I wanted to formally introduce the other two members of the family.  The white poodle is Gracie, also known as "Grady", "Grey" and "Gracie-Anna".  I have had Grey since I was living la vida loca, or the single life.  She is my first born in a way.  The black boy is Rocky, aka "Rockefeller", "Rock" and "Buddy Boy".  Rocky is a rescued poodle that comes from an abuse background but with time he has come around and found a home with us.  I love putting pics of them together because they remind me of Yin and Yang.  I didn't realize how wooly they looked, but they are going for a haircut next Friday and I will post proper pictures for such high browed poodles as these two, yeah right!!

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