Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Where the magic happens...

...or the magical accumulation of clutter happens.  So Tuesday I got the day off of work and locked myself in my bedroom.  It was high time that a little bit of thought went into that room.  After washing, drying and folding 517 loads of laundry and putting them away I was left with this shell of a room.  Now we did have nightstands beside the bed but I had already moved them and swept there in prep for "the move".  I took this picture while I was waiting on my baby-daddy to come home and help me move the bed and dresser.  

And yes, that is a pumpkin on my bed.  Never thought I would say that!!  The kids were toting it around practicing their trick-or-treating swag capture!  And no, I'm sorry I didn't make the bed but just threw the cover over the top.  I would like to note though that I made the bed this morning!!!  (Big accomplishment over here!!!) 

This is just another view where you can see one nightstand moved out of the way, a dresser drawer that has the drawer slide broken and is on my fix list and my constant bedroom staple, the ironing board.  This is another thing that is going to go when we finish the laundry room since I will have a proper place to hang it.  The door you see goes into my bathroom.

And yet another view of the room standing in the entrance door.  You can see the previous home of the broken dresser drawer and the pumpkin is much more in focus!  This picture might just help me to make a daily chore out of making the bed!  It looks bad here!

Now by this time I had the bed and dresser moved, with the assistance of hubby, and also had one dinged toe (mine).   I bought the pictures below about six months ago and never got around to hanging them because I knew I wanted to move the bed, so perfect time now.  By the way, they came from Tomlinson's Wholesale in Florence if anyone is in the area they have a great collection of pics and home decor stuff.  Since I was going to hang the pics pretty close together I knew that I needed to make a template to try and keep them as level to one another as possible.  I rolled out the every trusty craft paper and outlined the top of each picture (as shown below) and then marked the center of the....hanging teeth... (don't know the technical name, so that sounds pretty right).

Side note, when I turned the pictures over to see where the center was I noticed this on the back and was so pleased to see that these pictures were Made on Earth.  I wanted to make sure and buy only products made on our planet.  There will be NO made in Mars hanging in my house, that stuff is just shabby!

With some green painters tape I hung my template.  If you look closely you can see where I outlined the top of each and the center so I would know where to hang them.  I moved it around until it was where I wanted on the wall and the lines looked level.

Time for the invention of the century in my opinion.  I have used plain nails and even the stick up things (which always seem to bring drywall down with them no matter how closely I follow the directions).  My husband, who works in a hardware, told me about these babies.  I am sorry the picture is sideways, but just click on the link to find out more about them.  They are called Monkey Hooks.  This pack included four for $3.49 but they are reusable and well, I might just be in love!  Oh, shout out to Coward Hardware!!!  (No products were received free prior to this review or shout out and if you know my brother you know how true that is!)

Sorry this is a bit out of focus, but it was taken one-handed so that you could marvel in my beautiful hands....The Monkey Hooks are sharp on one side and to start off you insert the point 1/4 inch above where you want the picture to hang (notice my circle). 

It doesn't take much pressure to get it in and as soon as you feel it puncture the drywall, just turn it so that the hook part is facing the ceiling and wiggle it, just a little bit,  I wanna see you wiggle it...anyway, keep gently pushing it in until...

you can push it all the way in and just the hook is hanging out.  These hooks are tested to hold up to 50 lbs. and when you install one you will be able to tell how sturdy they are.  They grip the drywall behind them and the slight dip on the hook completely secures it.

Once my two pictures were hung, and I did have to adjust the left one because I had it hanging just a little low, I was able to make the bed and make it so purty!

I had this recliner, that I bought from someone having a moving sale about five years ago, in my living room but moved it into the corner of the bedroom with the table and a lamp that I re-purposed from another spot.  Also, this is the magical ficus tree that I strung with white light about six years ago and it still works!! YAY!  I just don't want to undo those lights.  In the past I dressed it up as a seasonal tree with pumpkins, red ornaments, hearts, shamrocks, Easter eggs and red, white, and blue, but now I like it just plain.  Also, yes that is the cord from my iron, I promise I'm going to move it!!

I moved the dresser and mirror to the side of the room that the bed was on originally.  That door leads out to the living room.  I cleaned it off and left it plain because right now I'm not sure what I want to put on it.  The plans down the road are to remove the mirror and wall mount a tv above it.

This is the room finished, or as finished as it can be right now.  This door leads into Omar's bathroom, who is my husband by the way.  I don't want you thinking badly of me.  We need new lamps, the shades are broken and don't like to sit straight.  Unfortunately, the part that is broken is in the lamp base so new shades wouldn't solve the problem.  Also, new bed linens are on the list but I can't decide what direction I want to go, hence there being no curtains.

This is another view so as to include the ironing board!

Well I call that Phase One of the bedroom re-do.  We still have to replace the sub- floor and flooring, ugh!, and fix a few spots on the ceiling where there was some water damage.  I like the paint color now, but that will be determined when I find some linens that I like.  Also, the bookcase needs attention and I don't like the bulbs on the fans.  I think they look too much like airplane propellers.  We are also on the hunt for a rug, but again, linens must come first.  

To conclude, my big man wanted to type his name, and so I grace you with the work of my boss man....


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