Friday, September 16, 2011

Who am I?

Who am I?

Well, I am a mama with two itsies, Riley and Emma Grace.  I work a full time job outside of the house but struggle daily with making our house a home.  We built this house almost five years ago and it is still 99% builder basic and well to be honest with you, I'm just tired of it!  I want something that makes me "house proud" and something that "rises to meet me".  Alright, enough cliches.  I want to LOVE this house.  Like really LOVE it.  I want to be proud of the memories that my children and I make in it, I want to smile when I drive up in the drive way and I want my husband and my children to share in my joy.  That being said, I don't.  I don't love it, yet. 

When we moved into the house, my oldest, Riley, had just turned one and to be honest with you, having a little one in the house took up most of my time...then..
This is him at the time we moved into our house

a few years later came Emma Grace and little time became no time.  The kids are no longer babies, they are 5 and 18 months, and it is high time that I make this little house a home.

Yeah, this is a forced picture!!

So here is my brunt of my dilemma now, yeah the juicy stuff.  I am not attached to my home.  Gasp!!!  I know, it hurts to say it.  This house is the only one Riley remembers, the only one Emma has ever known and it is a great house, I just don't love it.  I have not put my touch on it, given any thought to it's function and purpose, nor invested the time that I should.  Yes I said "nor", my mother is a retired sixth grade teacher!  Well it is time.  As the wonderful Nate Burkus says, "Your home should rise up to meet you" and it is my fault!  I have not arisen to the challenge of making it a home and I owe it to my family, my house and myself. we go.  This is my house therapy.  I am going to work through my house one room, one corner, one square foot at a time and turn it into a home.  I am going to share every detail and every hurdle and I WILL overcome!  I am in my battle stance here, well actually I'm sitting in my recliner with Emma asleep on one arm and typing with the other, but once she wakes up IT IS ON!!!

Here we go, and I say we knowing that I am the only one reading this, but it helps for me to imagine an army behind me, so HERE WE GO!!!!  once the baby awakens....

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