Friday, September 16, 2011

Who Knocked the Door Out?

Alright, I am going to show you something that only a handful of people have seen...the floor joyces of my house.  One of my major stumbling blocks with the house have been that our floors are rotten.  Yes, our house is five years old and the floors are rotten.  So any home improvements that we had on the books have been put aside until we can rip up EVERY SINGLE floor in our house and fix it.  That also means that all of the flooring that is already down will have to be ripped up too and we are going to have to buy new one. How did this happen?  Well it is half the responsibility of the people who built our house and the other half lies with the friend of the family who hooked up the heating and cooling unit.  The home builder fastened a plastic covering over the air ducts and the a/c man did not tear it down.  So whenever condensation formed on the ducts, there was no where for it to go except into the underside of the flooring of our house.  Now, I am not going to mention any names of who did the damage, since both have denied any responsibility, but I will put out there the name of the man who is helping us to fix the problem, and who also is an EXCELLENT air conditioner repair man, Eddie Eaddy.  If anyone in the area is interested in his number, I will be more that glad to pass it on!!  But anyways, so far we have ripped up the kitchen floor and replaced it and we are currently onto the laundry room floor, which was pretty bad.  Here are some pics of the floor, or lack of, before we recovered it with sturdy subflooring.  You might notice some of the black areas around the joyces, but that is not mold, we also ripped off the plastic covering and re-worked the ducts so that we will not have this problem in the future. 

This next picture is the subflooring that we removed from the laundry room.  It was warped and there were soft spots all over.  Also, when the spin cycle was on in the washing machine, the whole room shook!!  

In this picture we have replaced the subflooring and I was given the job of tearing off the existing molding, which I really got into....

apparently too much because I had the crowbar turned backwards and was putting these beautiful holes around the bottom!  Oh well, still had fun taking some aggression out on those bad boys.

Here is the bad blogger part, I forgot to take pictures of the next step except during another project I was working on.  But here you can see with the help of my beautiful Vanna White-esque assistant, Emma, that we put beaded board up around the perimeter of the room to chair rail heigth and new solid wood baseboard.

This is another angle with me working on the other project, but you can kinda tell how everything is coming together. 

Anyhow, I am stuck right now on a color scheme for the room.  Above the chair rail is currently painted a soft yellow, but I want to go for something with a little more impact.  I also am going to try my hand at painting our builder grade cabinets into a distressed blue color, but we'll have to see how that turns out!

In the meantime, here is a random picture that I took when I was walking through the kids' playroom the other day.  I admit that I have a slight case of OCD, but now I am starting to think that it runs in the family.  Here's Riley's creating:

Notice how everything is lined up from smallest to largest.  Now if I could just teach him how to paint!!!

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