Saturday, October 1, 2011

Oh World Market, you hurt my heart!!

Okay, so I live NOWHERE near a World Market, but I desperately computer stalk them and all of the beautiful things that I could fill my house with.  I have made a trek to the closest one in Myrtle Beach a few times and every time I walk in I feel like I have stepped into some cool, secret import market.  Everything has such an eclectic feel and I imagine the World Market suppliers scouring small exotic villages and finding these wonderful pieces that they can bring back to me...*L*  No really, I know that things are mass marketed in huge factories, but for some reason I expected more of World Market. 

I have been looking for a really cool console table to put in my front door entryway for a while and today I of course went to my favorite store where I stumbled across this really cool table with an Indonesian feel.  Maybe it's the little head-hunter head in there that gives me the exotic feel but I just loved it.

This table is called the Hancock Sideboard and sells at World Market for $174.99.  I thought that I loved it, but I just didn't know if I loved that price.  Then I actually started studying it to see if I could make it myself.  Now I have NEVER made a piece of furniture myself so I don't know what in the world was in my head thinking I could crank this out!  Eventually I came to my senses and left this table all alone on the Internet.

The hunt continued and from there I checked out J.C. Penney, Wally World, Overstock, and of course the beloved Tar-jay.  I wasn't having much luck at first, but then started coming across some really cute stuff at Target, but I don't have a very wide space, so things were getting cancelled out quicker that Bill O'Reilly on The View.  But then I came across this vaguely familiar table.  I kid, I recognized it at first and after a few, "OMG!!!  That is the same table from World Market!!" I thought that I would check the price.  This little beaut is only $159.99 and is called the East End Avenue Console Table.
Now I was happy about the better price, but at the same time I was so disappointed in World Market.  How could they just change the name of it...and make it more expensive!!  "Hancock" sounded like some great explorer conquering the jungles and fighting malaria, but I'm not sure how exotic "East End Avenue" sounds!  Maybe fighting pigeons in the thick foliage of Central Park?  Just not giving me the same feel!! 

So now I'm wondering if World Market doesn't use the same suppliers as the huge stores and just changes names and increases the price tag to make it seem a notch above.  Oh anyway, there is my Saturday jaunt on the Internet.  I leave with no clear winner in the entry table was, and some disillusionment as far as how eclectic World Market is.  In all honesty, though, I still love the store and I'm coveting these curtains for my living room:

So, while I am still a fan of World Market, I will look at them through less worldly glasses now...:(